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Lawn Care Tips

Here are a few landscaping tips to help your lawn look beautiful for years to come.


Fertilization and aerating should occur 2x a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. This will help new grass to grow to keep your lawn look full and green.


Spring annuals should not be put in the ground too early, doing so could cause the flowers to die off early. Planting too late could cause the flowers to die off in the dry heat. Make sure the temperatures are consistently 70 degrees or above prior to planting.

Weed Control

Make sure when applying weed control your surface is dry and temperatures need to be above 70 degrees. 


Mulch can be applied in early spring. Clean out mulch beds of weeds and debris. Make sure to remove any old mulch, edge area near grass line and apply no more than 2 inches of mulch to area. 

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